We began our multi-asset investment strategy in 1958 and have been creating innovative alternative strategies to meet our clients’ needs ever since.

Multi-asset assets managed firmwide

USD 112 M

Multi-asset investment professionals


Average years' experience



Quantum Group Of Funds Global Multi-Asset Strategy team brings depth and experience to every clients’ portfolio. They apply a range of investment disciplines, including fundamental, macro, quantitative and technical analysis. The team also taps into the broad resources of Quantum Group Of Funds , including specialists in equities, bonds, currencies and commodities.

Their approach to risk management is multi-faceted, using robust technology systems that offer real-time information for due diligence and performance monitoring.


We create macro frameworks that alow us to capitalize on profitable opportunities at any given point in time, and thereafter we are able to exploit those opportunities through multiple asset-based angles. We actively share our research through publications, news, media and pr.


With team members in Europe and the UK, Global Multi-Asset Strategy delivers a diverse perspectives and deep experience to investment research. Our team of 12 dedicated multi-asset professionals includes:

  • Portfolio managers 5
  • Research analysts 7

Successful multi-asset and alternative investing is not just question of capability, it’s about culture. With Quantum Group Of Funds clients benefit from the power of sharing and collaboration at our firm. This delivers a consistent flow of innovation with investment ideas we can benefit from.

Patrick Duchamp, Multi-Asset & Alternatives Manager

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