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Quantum Group Of Funds provides industry-innovative fixed income investments to USD $4 billion in client assets under management. We have a global range of fixed income funds and objectives.

Fixed income assets under management

USD 260 M

Fixed income investment professionals


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Fixed Income Overview

Our fixed income investments cover all global bond market. The fixed income funds at Quantum Group Of Funds blend top-down and bottom-up analysis to exploit inefficiencies in fixed income markets worldwide. Our Macroeconomic analysts secure top-down structural and cyclical risk, while our bottom-up, fundamental research draws on information derived from our fixed income and equity analytical teams. This balanced perspective helps us, at Quantum Group Of Funds, anticipate changes in before they are priced into their securities held in the fund.

Fixed income investing or utilising our fixed income funds can help investors meet many objectives head-on, including generating income, mitigating downside risk, diversifying a portfolio and enhancing returns. We offer solutions that pursue each of these objectives.


Quantum Group Of Funds’s fixed income investment team — build-up of special portfolio managers, market strategists, industry experts and over 20 credit/quantitative analysts — are based in Austria the UK and the Germany. Every portfolio manager is unique and the Quantum Group Of Funds fixed income fund benefits from our global resources. Giving access to diversified sources of return and generate more performance consistency across markets.


Our global corporate development structure helps us to attract and retain the best investment talent. This has contributed to the experience and consistency of our fixed income investment professionals. Our dedicated fixed income professionals include:

  • Portfolio managers 52
  • Credit analysts 39
  • Quantitative analysts 9
  • Strategists 11
  • Traders 35

Our investment professionals have exclusive access to company’s global proprietary research, derived from more than 10,000 papers and reports issued every year. Our credit analysts collaborate with our in-house equity analysts, which provides proprietary sector, country and individual issuer assessments. We believe this integration of research generates robust analysis with differentiated insights for all of our investment professionals. Our multidisciplinary perspective allows us to anticipate changes in capital structures before these changes are priced into the securities.


Our advanced risk-management tools help portfolio managers take only intended investment risks that have the potential to provide attractive returns. These proprietary systems allow us to monitor risk within investments, while testing how positions might behave in volatile market conditions. We consistently refine our proprietary tools, ensuring their relevance in an ever-changing market.

Our advantage at Quantum Group Of Funds is being an information powerhouse in the midst of all these global resources. Our team draws on a global perspective of research.

Stephen Malone, Fixed Income Strategy Manager

All figures are for the Quantum Group Of Funds group of companies as at 31 July 2018.

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