Facts and figures

Quantum Group Of Funds has a global reach in almost all sectors of the global investment markets.

Client assets under management:

USD 14 B

Investment professionals:


Number of clients:


People and portfolios

  • Investment professionals 428
  • Avg industry experience 23 years
  • Investment strategies 135+

The figures regarding investment staff do not include support staff and other employees. All figures as of 31 March 2018.

Quantum Group Of Funds

Since 2005, we have been serving a global collection of institutional clients, including pension funds, sovereign funds, endowments and foundations and insurance companies.

2005 – 2010

Quantum Group of Funds becomes the most successful hedge fund in the world reporting profits exceeding $3 billion USD.


Initiated by Quantum Group Of Funds: staff exchange initiatives share ideas and spark discussions that lead to pivotal investment directives across the entire global platform.


Four members took on leadership roles at the company: Stephen Bellamy, Robert Boscsh, Kief Hardman, and Hans Lewis. Together, they turned Quantum Group Of Funds into a global firm, providing investments and serving clients outside of England.


Senior Members of the firm voted against a public listing and believed retaining a privately-owned asset manager will be in-line with the best interests of clients and the business.


James Windsor opened the Germany office and the firm began to expand at a phenomenal pace.


Alistair King launched our first risk-arbitrage fund, establishing the foundations for the enormous R&T floor we have today.


To handle our expanding client base in the Asia-Pacific, we opened our Hong Kong offices.

2016 – 2018

Continual global expansion — more investment platforms and offices in Berlin, Vienna, and Munich over this period.

Quantum Group Of Funds Today

Today, Quantum Group Of Funds has a major global profile and 100-year track record in all sectors of the global investment markets. Even so, our history is best defined by not just the years we have been serving clients, but more so by our focus on sustainability and consistent growth to meet the developing needs of our clients.

USD 14 B of client assets under management

3 head offices worldwide

2,200+ clients

62 countries (clients based)