Philanthropy and Giving Back

At Quantum Group Of Funds, we believe in helping the communities we are surrounded by.


Where we started

Open Society was established in 1979 when George Soros decided he had enough money. His great success as a hedge fund manager allowed him to pursue his ambition of establishing open societies in place of authoritarian forms of government. “Open society is based on the recognition that our understanding of the world is inherently imperfect,” Soros said. “What is imperfect can be improved.” He started by supporting scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and for Eastern European dissidents to study abroad.

George Soros

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros is chair of Soros Fund Management LLC. As one of history’s most successful financiers, his views on investing and economic issues are widely followed.

Education & Youth

Soros's Open Society Foundation aims “to ensure young people from different backgrounds have equal access to education and to promote critical thinking, respect for diverse opinions, and free and open intellectual inquiry.” The foundation’s education and youth program prioritizes minority and underprivileged groups. In 2005, Soros partnered with the World Bank to establish the Roma Education Fund, which “supports policies and programs which ensure quality education for Roma, including the desegregation of education systems.” In the U.S., Soros has supported the Leadership Conference Education Fund’s anti-hate incident initiative. A complete list of education grantees is available at Open Society’s grants page.

Rights & Justice

Human rights and justice are prominent among Soros’s philanthropic initiatives. In this area, his foundations aim to “advance human rights and justice around the world by advocating equality for minorities and women, supporting international war crimes tribunals, and helping institute national legal reforms to ensure freedom of information, promote sentencing alternatives, and protect the rights of criminal defendants.” Past grantees include International Service for Human Rights, the International Network of Civil Liberties Organizations, the International Commission of Jurists and the Center for Civilians in Conflict, a U.S.-based organization that works internationally to “prevent, mitigate and respond to civilian harm.” Descriptions of additional rights and justice grantees area available at the foundations’ grants page.


Even the most outstanding investor will be wrong at occasions, which makes it beneficial to hear and, in fact, encourages diversifying perspectives. We aim to create opportunity where this is a possibility.

Alistair King, Head of Global Equities and Analysis