Risk Arbitrage

Our long track record in alternatives investing helps us look beyond the traditional and develop new funds to address key investment challenges.

Risk arbitrage private funds managed firmwide

USD 214M

Experience in risk arbitrage investments

8 years

Number M&A deals closed



We supply event driven investments to our institutional investors and hedge-fund managers that cover specific definitive and pre-announced M&A deals, focusing on identifying and analysing the main upside and downside risks to a specified deal. We typically focus on billion-dollar plus-takeovers and mergers of publicly-traded targets globally.

With particular focus in:

  • Cross-Border M&A
  • Black Knight Takeovers
  • Geographically-Aimed Takeovers
  • Deal Valuation
  • Shareholder Analysis
  • Impacts of Transactions
  • Risk Arbitrage Strategies

We execute a flexible, opportunistic investment style. We seek to identify situations with a recognizable catalyst which we anticipate will unlock value. We focus on delivering exceptional risk adjusted returns with limited market exposure.

Chief Investment Officer, James Windsor has three decades of experience in the financial markets, with particular emphasis on special situation equities, distressed debt and risk arbitrage.

Quantum Group Of Funds employs an event-driven, value-oriented investment style. The investment firm seeks to identify situations where we anticipate a catalyst will unlock value.

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Quantum Group Of Funds’s Risk Arbitrage team includes professionals focused on investment activity, risk management, and trading. This team is supported by highly-experienced accounting, operations, investor relations and marketing, and legal and compliance professionals.

There’s a reason that I’ve been only at Quantum Group Of Funds for the past 30 years, and that’s because I don’t think that there’s another place where I’d have access to more support, more knowledge, or more wisdom on any subject and on any company around the world.

Nick Adams, Fund Manager

Event Driven Investments and M&A Strategy

Analysts at Quantum Group Of Funds focus on event driven investments, also known as ‘risk’ or ‘merger’ arbitrage, that involve long or short positions in the stock of PLC companies experiencing major corporate change.

Such specialised investment strategies aim to benefit from pricing inequalities that develop before, during or after a corporate deal, such as a M&A or other non-M&A corporate events.

Event driven investing looks to take lowly-correlated, absolute returns from stocks that ordinarily do not trade on fundamentals but rather on the expectations of potential results driven by a specific event.

All figures are for the Quantum Group Of Funds group of companies as at 31 July 2018.

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